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Be The Next 1-800 Success Story!

Unforgettable Contact Numbers For Your Business



Driving by at 65 mph...  Which Number Will You Remember?

The unbelievable power of an unforgettable vanity number…  Think 1 800 FLOWERS, 1 800 CONTACTS, or 1 800 MATTRESS...  Even when a potential customer sees or hears your ad but doesn’t need the service you provide at the moment, the next time they’re in the market for what you offer, your number is already in their memory.  YOUR number comes to mind when the computer or phone book isn’t handy…. THAT’S powerful advertising! 

Vanity numbers with the 1-800 prefix are KING!

“I-800” is so much more than just a toll-free area code.  From a marketing standpoint, it turns your vanity number into a brand name!  

That’s the real difference between 1-800 and 1-866, 1-877, and 1-888….  “1-800” is the original toll-free area code and the term “800 numbers” is now the generic term for all toll free numbers.  It’s the .com of the telephone!  Advertise anything but a 1-800 toll-free number, and you’re going to have to keep reminding your potential customer that it’s a toll-free number.  You still may lose some callers, when they mistakenly dial “1-800” anyway!

1-800 Vanity number + corresponding domain name…  Priceless!

When a memorable vanity number combines with the easy-to-recall, top-level domain name, the whole becomes greater than the parts, MULTIPLYING your advertising response.  You now have the potential to create a true industry leader.

Great 1 800 vanity numbers are very difficult to get.  So are great domain names.  We’re offering a winning combination of both.  A unique vanity number and domain name combination will never lose their value, even if you decide to sell them in the future.


You are not leasing these numbers - the rights to use the number will be yours.